The Never Before Told Story About Forex That You Must Read or Be Left Out

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You may be the ideal analyst on earth and still be a terrible trader! Therefore, it's important that traders pick a superior broker to help them conduct their trade activities. Select your broker wisely as broker has a vital role in all your trades. Generally, a broker is an independent agency that's widely utilized in some industries. Many brokers provide a list of distinct accounts to satisfy the requirements of individual traders.

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Making the most out of Forex trading through social trading

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Making the most out of Forex trading through social tradingForex trading is getting easier with technology. In the past, one had to spend hours and hours analyzing the markets for him/her to place a trade which in some cases would still end up being a wrong trade. But thanks to the introduction of the social network technology! Traders can now use the same principle of the social networks to increase their Forex trading profits through social trading. Continue reading…

Stochastic indicator explained

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Stochastic indicator explainedStochastic indicator is one of the most used technical indicator by Forex traders. The indicator was invented by a developer known as George Lane in the 1950s, making it one of the oldest Forex technical indicators that is still in use to date. Continue reading…

How to use the Ichimoku indicator

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How to use the Ichimoku indicatorIchimoku indicator is very much used by traders especially those who like using only one indicator at a time. The Ichimoku is well known to be an independent indicator that can be used on it won for profitable trading. The indicator acts as a trend, momentum and support and resistance indicator all at the same time. Continue reading…

Guide to using MACD Indicator

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Guide to using MACD IndicatorThe MACD is one of the most technical indicator when it comes to technical analysis of the Forex markets. The indicator is used by professionals to give even give sell and buy signals due to its accuracy in indicating market changes.

It is used to analyze the market trend, the strength of the trend (momentum) and the duration of the trend. Continue reading…

5 Forex technical indicators that are a must for beginners

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5 Forex technical indicators that are a must for beginners Are you new to forex trading and you are looking for the best technical indicators to use? You are in the right place.

Choosing an indicator for doing technical analysis can be quite hard especially when you have little market understanding. Nevertheless, below are some tips for choosing a technical indicator as a forex beginner: Continue reading…

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